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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

There are a few things you should know about Ryan Russell and Byron George, the creative duo behind Melbourne's award winning design studio Russell & George.

1. They are responsible for some of Australia's most breathtaking retail and hospitality interiors. This includes an award winning series of Aesop and Crumpler stores, as well as Melbourne restaurants Huxtable, St Jude's Cellars, Boire 
& Earl Canteen.

Aesop Doncaster. Photographs by Dianna Snape via Russell & George.

Aesop Perth. Photographs by Diana Snape via Russell & George.

2. After working for the bigwigs (Cox, DCM, Woods Baggot & Hassell, to name a few) Byron and Ryan began independent practises using a common studio space. Naturally they began collaborating on projects and on April Fools Day 2010 formally establish their multidisciplinary design studio, Russell & George. Their goal has been to create design solutions that extend thresholds and blur the line between different fields of design practises, as a result their projects have varied from branding and industrial design to set design, architecture and interiors.

Earl Canteen. Photographs by Dianna Snape via Russell & George.

3. They don't believe in trends. While this philosophy has resulted in criticism at times, I feel it's the reason why Russell and George spaces are so intriguing. Each environment tells a unique story and has a distinct personality based on the product it offers. Materials, communication design and colour each playing a vital role in creating these dynamic design solutions.

Huxtable. Photographs by Dianna Snape via Russell & George


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