Ordinary Accidents

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

So last week I had a little mishap. In my usual mad morning rush I clumsily slipped on a wet step and flew through the air landing firmly on my wrist. The instant my wrist hit the ground I knew it was broken, and a trip to the emergency room quickly confirmed that. A few hours later I had a plaster cast on my arm and was told that Id need to wear it for the next 6 weeks. What joy! Luckily its my left arm so typing and writing is still quite easy...using a knife and fork at the dinner table, tying my shoe laces and getting dressed on the other hand, hilariously difficult. I feel like a kid again.

I came across this editorial from Grey Magazine # 6 and felt it was quite fitting for this post. Fainting spells, trips and spills have never looked so stylish! If only there was a part 2, accessorising your plaster cast. Now that might come in handy.

Hannah Noble, Anna Millonig & Agne petkute photographed by Alessio Bolzoni & styled by Moreno Galata for Grey Magazine # 6, Spring/Summer 2012. Via Real life is Everywhere.


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