Saturday Swoon


Saturday, 30 June 2012

Yesterday, while talking type with a good friend of mine, she mentioned that the extraordinarily talented Jessica Hische and Russ Maschmeyer had announced they were tying the knot. I'm always fascinated by creative couples (particularly their gorgeous homes, wonderful collaborations and unique proposal stories), so I was delighted to hear the news. Now of course being the remarkable duo that they are, printed wedding invitations would have been a little too simple. Instead the illustrator and interaction designer chose to commemorate the occasion by creating a scrolling website that tells the story of their relationship thus far. It's filled with stunning illustrations by friends including Chris Silas Neal and Gilbert Ford, as well as Jessica's beautiful typography. Titled 'The Story of Jess & Russ' it features a timeline of cute anecdotes, from the couples first meeting to the proposal itself. Reading it left me wishing I had an invite to the wedding - it's sure to be a very sweet event.

Images via The Story of Jess & Russ

Winter Woolies


Monday, 25 June 2012

'Graph Mittens'. image via Donna Wilson

On days like today the only thing I seem to want to do is rug up and stay indoors. It's hard enough to get up on a Monday morning, but add to that a very chilly twelve degrees outside and a car that wont start (it's not a fan of winter either) and really that's enough of an excuse to crawl back under the covers.

A lady who certainly knows how to bring a little colour and cheer to these dreary winter days is Donna Wilson. Donna is an award winning textile designer who has created an irresistible world from the three things she loves most - colour, pattern and craft. Originally hailing from Scotland (the land of cold weather) and now based in London, Donna's knitted creations are manufactured in the UK and made from the softest natural yarns (mainly lambswool). Her quirky characters and stunning homewares are sure to make you feel a little warmer just by looking at them!

'Up the Garden Path Blanket'. Images via Donna Wilson

I'm quickly putting together my winter wish list (I have my eye on the gorgeous 'Graph Mittens' and 'Up the garden path' cashmere blanket). What are your favourites?

You can find Donna's beautiful little creations at Safari Living and online here.

The adorable Donna Wilson. Image via Milk Magazine

Saturday Crafternoon at Great Dane Furniture


Sunday, 17 June 2012

I spent yesterday afternoon at the Great Dane paper cording workshop. I was eager to learn the Scandinavian craft of paper cording and (just quietly) extremely keen to get my hands on the grand prize — a Moller bench! I set off with my talented friend Lauren, to learn a thing or two about this amazing art.

The turn out was great. Crafty Melbournians of all ages gathered together around a communal table at the beautiful
Great Dane showroom in Collingwood. We were supplied with 2 tones of paper cord and an assortment of sweet goodies (thanks to Great Dane's collaboration with Expresso Syndicate & Kouzina de Pattiserie).

Rob Pink, of Pink & Sons, was on hand to explain the process and demonstrate the technique, while Suzie Stanford and the lovely staff at Great Dane Furniture were there to lend moral support whenever our creations took slightly unpredictable turns. Seriously, it's no easy feet working with this durable cord — we tried everything, knotting, weaving, wrapping. In the end, I took to the glue gun like a moth to a flame, and in doing so finally found a successful approach.

(Left) Rob Pink of Pink & Sons

The results were gorgeous. People created bottles, baskets, macrame wall hangings and toys. Lauren and I eventually finished our bottle designs. They may not win us the # 63 Moller bench but they were great fun to create.

Bottom Right - Mine and Lauren's creations

All the pieces are currently on display at the Great Dane showroom, and you can learn a little more about JL Moller here.

Hangin' with Mr.Cooper


Friday, 15 June 2012

Confession time. I (like many designers) have a habit of falling in love with inanimate objects. Some love affairs are short lived, while others seem to last a life time.

My newest beau is Mr.Cooper, a stunning creation by the team at Coco Flip design studio. This gorgeous pendant light is made of spun copper and is inspired by old tin can telephones. It encapsulates all the features that usually make me weak at the knees - great style, a reference to the past and made in Melbourne.

It would be greedy to keep a chap as handsome as Mr.Cooper all to myself, so I thought I'd share him with you.
You can find him on the Coco Flip website and at Tounge & Groove Interiors, Collingwood.

Photographs by Haydn Cattach via Coco Flip Design Studio

Design Hero #1: Ray Eames


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Ray holding Dot Pattern fabric design, circa 1947. Image via

One of my all time favourite female designers is Ray Eames. I just adore her.

A few weekends back I had the pleasure of seeing the recently released documentary 'Eames: The Architect and The Painter', a wonderful insight into the life and work of Charles and Ray Eames. While I loved hearing about their experimental design process and incredible architecture, I was really fascinated by the way that Ray was portrayed. Often over looked as the lesser half of the Eames phenomenon, Ray was shown as a quirky, daring, inventive woman of the '50s. She seemed to have a wicked sense of humour, an incredible understanding of colour and a meticulous obsession for collecting. As a fellow hoarder of books, trimmings and generally all objects that 'might come in handy one day' I totally connected. My desk looks like Ray's on a good day!

Organised Chaos - Ray's Desk, 1976. Image via

The Eames philosophy of 'The best, for the most, for the least' is something I truly admire. What I do struggle with is that nowadays Eames furniture has transformed into a luxury, rather than an affordable everyday object. The majority of people (myself included) purchase replicas rather than the real deal simply to experience the design. I often wonder what Charles and Ray would have thought about that?

"We don't do art, we solve problems" - Ray Eames. What an incredibly cool little lady.

'Eames: The Architect & The Painter' is screening at ACMI until Sunday June 17th.



Sunday, 10 June 2012

And so this tiny little blog takes its first steps...

I've been thinking about starting a blog for some time now, the idea has always seemed very exciting yet just a little bit terrifying. Through my usual methods of procrastination I have managed to put it off for the past few months, however on this rainy Sunday there no longer seemed to be any convincing excuses, just plenty of quiet time to finally create this space.

I decided to start this blog as a way to collect and share the beautiful objects, spaces and creations that I come across each day. Working as a designer for the past 8 years I have been fortunate to collaborate with some incredible individuals from diverse design disciplines. I am constantly in awe of the talent that exists within our creative community and feel it's important to share this knowledge with others.

I plan to fill these pages with all things design related - food, architecture, illustration, design, interiors, photography, craft and fashion. I hope that you will find these images and observations inspiring, exciting and useful in your daily work.

Thank you for visiting and sharing this creative journey with me.

- Sally

Photograph by Armelle Habib

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