Winter Woolies

Monday, 25 June 2012

'Graph Mittens'. image via Donna Wilson

On days like today the only thing I seem to want to do is rug up and stay indoors. It's hard enough to get up on a Monday morning, but add to that a very chilly twelve degrees outside and a car that wont start (it's not a fan of winter either) and really that's enough of an excuse to crawl back under the covers.

A lady who certainly knows how to bring a little colour and cheer to these dreary winter days is Donna Wilson. Donna is an award winning textile designer who has created an irresistible world from the three things she loves most - colour, pattern and craft. Originally hailing from Scotland (the land of cold weather) and now based in London, Donna's knitted creations are manufactured in the UK and made from the softest natural yarns (mainly lambswool). Her quirky characters and stunning homewares are sure to make you feel a little warmer just by looking at them!

'Up the Garden Path Blanket'. Images via Donna Wilson

I'm quickly putting together my winter wish list (I have my eye on the gorgeous 'Graph Mittens' and 'Up the garden path' cashmere blanket). What are your favourites?

You can find Donna's beautiful little creations at Safari Living and online here.

The adorable Donna Wilson. Image via Milk Magazine


  1. The Donna Wilson blanket you bought my boy has been a hit. Testament to the quality of her knits, it has been through the baby/toddler test and still as beautiful as ever.

  2. So glad to hear that Bec. It just goes to show what a difference local manufacturing can make. I love the pic of Lindsay's room - that rocking chair is gorgeous!


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